Volumetric Dosers.

4 Cup volumetric doser for granular products.

Volumetric Doser



Simple and robust Doser


Motorised adjustment available


“quick change” cup system



  • 3 Size models available depending on pack size – up to 5kg (double drop – 10kg)

  • Motorised 4 cup volumetric doser for use with granular products

  • With standard product hopper

  • Various cup sizes available for each model

  • Motorised / manual cup adjustment

  • Can be tied into a our check weigher to automatically adjust weights to keep within tolerance


  • Quick change cup system
  • Also available as a Semi Automatic “stand alone “ unit for manual filling of pre-made bags.

Technical Details

Model Name VF 1 VF 2 VF 3
Approximate size range 10g – 1kg 500g – 2kg 3 – 5kg
Quick change cups Yes Yes Yes
Power Consumption 2 amps 4 amps 4 amps
Motorised cup adjuster Option Option Standard

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