Egli Technical Services.

Technical Designs, Engineering and Assembly

With our in-house design team, CNC manufacturing equipment, including Laser cutters, we have control of all aspects of our desired quality as well as the ability make client specific modifications quickly and efficiently.

During the design and proposal stage our qualified staff use their first hand experience to examine your circumstances and select the appropriate equipment to suit your particular needs. We create layout plans, confirm packaging material requirements and ensure the final packaging system conforms to your requirements.

Egli technicians keep abreast of new developments in the industry alongwith any material and consumption innovations that could improve your production.

Egli Technical Services

Customer Support

Customer support is key to the successful operation of any equipment, and EGLI provides this most critical service in a few ways.

Spare Parts

EGLI carry an extensive range of spare parts for all equipment supplied. Manufactured parts can be supplied for all equipment manufactured since the establishment. Our large stock holding and dedicated parts department ensure delivery times are as short as possible to minimise your downtime.

Breakdown Support

(both Locally and Internationally) – EGLI’s team of skilled technicians provide telephonic and onsite breakdown support for all equipment. However International may be slightly delayed due to Visa regulations etc.

Remote Assistance

As of 2019, we are able to supply our equipment with internet communication modules, enabling remote assistance around the globe.

Egli Spare Parts

Commissioning & Client Training

Client Training

Ensuring that equipment is used optimally is is due largely to effective operator and technician training. Our machines are designed to be user friendly and lend themselves to efficient operation.

EGLI includes operator training during the commissioning phase, however we also offer further refresher or in-depth training at our facility.


After manufacturing, all equipment undergoes extensive machine testing at our plant to ensure that all equipment conforms to specifications (FACT), our team of expert mechanical, electrical and programming technicians will then commission the equipment at the client’s plant.

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