Multihead Weigher with Platform.

Accuracy and speed for multiple products



Highly accurate weighing and speed of high value products


Great for delicate products like chips, biscuits, and sweets.


Minimised give-away, for greater profitability



Special Features

  • Weigher buckets have independent control mode. When compared to the standard weigher speed increased by 10% and capable to perform a faster and more accurate calculation.
  • Counting function can satisfy diversified weighing requirements.
  • Sample collection function makes weighing process more accurate.
  • New features include low supply, warning, controllable feeding, automatic material filling and failure rejection functions.
  • 10.4 inch big screen display with adjustable backlight is available. Operator can select appropriate program from the pictorial information data base.

Main Features

  • The best combination is chosen by computerized calculation. Intellectualized weighting method is far more efficient than manual process.
  • Stagger Dump avoid bigger items pile up.
  • User friendly touch screen equipped with multiple language.
  • One weigher can be connected to one or two packaging machines for maximum weighing speed.
  • Adjustable backlight control for vision protection.
  • 99 preset program for multiple tasks.
  • Data can be collected and transferred automatically

Optional Accessories

  • Timing Hopper / Catch Bucket

Technical Details

Item 2.5L High Speed, 10-Heads Weigher 2.5L High Speed, 14-Heads Weigher
Model AC-6B10-3A-03X AC-6B14-3A-03X
Generation 3 3
Weighing Range 10g~3, 000g 10g~3, 000g
Accuracy ± 0.5-2g ± 0.5-2g
Max. speed 70WPM 140WPM
Power supply 220V, 50Hz, 1.5KW 220V, 50Hz, 2KW
Hopper volume 2.5L(Double Doors) 2.5L(Double Doors)
Monitor 10.4 inches color touch screen
Dimensions (mm) 1436*1086*1258 1600*1136*1374
Optional parts Cylinder gate on linear feeder pan / Collection bucket etc.
Optional modification Rotary top cone/Bucket surface finish/316 Stainless steel/Angle of collating chute.

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