Paddle Fryer with Sieve.

Electric Fryer for Maize snacks.

Egli Paddle Fryer with Sieve



Efficient heat control


Capacity for up to 3 extruders


Compact footprint


  • Electric paddle fryer
  • Full stainless steel design
  • Can handle the output of up to 3 EGLI extruders (450 kg/hr)
  • Variable temperature and motor speeds for accurate dwell times
  • Individually controlled Replaceable elements
  • 8 elements as standard, but can be configured 4/6/8 elements
  • Internal Oil circulation system
  • Built in drain tank and filter with return pump for easy cleaning
  • Automatic oil infeed system Hooded design to retain heat
  • Built in product scoop with oil runoff area
  • Built in rotating drum sieve, to eliminate fines

Technical Details

Technical Aspect Description
Voltage 380 V
Power Consumption
Elements (8) 116A per Phase
Motor Drives (all) 8.5A

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