Check Weigher.

Our Inline check weighter with a wide range of units covering weights from 50g – 25kg. 




Confidence that every bag that passes through this system is within specification.



The Oil spinner can handle many varieties of pack types.



Can be integrated to packing machines to allow automatic adjustment.


  • Wide range of units covering weights from 50g – 25 kg
  • Automatic Rejection system for out of specification product
  • Can be linked with packing machine doser to automatically adjust the doser to ensure weights remain within spec.
  • Recipe Feature for set up and storage of multiple products
  • Can be integrated into existing Factory networks for data acquisition
  • Quick release conveyor system for easy cleaning and maintenance

Technical Details

Model Name CW3 CW4 CW5
Weighing Capacity 50g – 2KG 2KG – 5KG 5KG – 25KG
Speed (up to) 90 bpm 40 bpm 25 bpm
Voltage 230 V 230 V 230 V
Power Consumption 2A 2A 4A
Compressed Air 5-6 Bar 5-6 Bar 5-6 Bar
Air consumption 20 Lpm 20 Lpm 20 Lpm


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