Basculating Dosers.

An Alternative Volumetric filler, offering some advantages over traditional Cup fillers. Suitable for a wide range of granular products.

Basculating Doser




Faster than a volumetric doser


No Cups

No Set of cups required



Straight product through flow, less damage to product



  • 3 models available to cover all weight ranges from 100g – 10kg
  • Stainless Steel construction  with aluminium parts

  • No additional cups required for each model (infinite adjustment in each model range)

  • Straighter product flow to packaging machine (less product damage)

  • Faster than traditional cup based volumetric

  • Supplied with built in product hopper

  • Has built in doors for easier dust control / extraction

  • Motorised cup adjustment standard

  • PLC controls, with product recipes

  • Individual cups can be set (balanced – micro adjustment)

  • Can be linked to our check weigher for automatic weight control.

Also available as a Semi Automatic “stand alone “ unit for manual filling of pre-made bags.

Technical Details

Model Name BF 1 BF 2 BF 3
Approx weight range (product dependant) 100g – 600g 500g – 2kg 1.8kg – 5kg
Motorised adjustment Yes Yes Yes

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