Auger Dosers.

Our accurate dosing system for powder products.

Egi Auger Doser



Easy access to internals for cleaning / set up


Large options of screw sizes available to ensure accuracy and speed


Servo driven screw for greater accuracy



  • One size available for product weights up to 5 kg
  • Fits on all sizes of Packing machines
  • Stainless steel construction for food safety
  • Hinged split opening for easy access to internals and quick cleaning.
  • Various size interchangeable screws available to ensure maximum speeds with accuracy for various weights.
  • Servo driven screw for precise control over screw revolutions
  • Internal stirrer and paddle
  • Quick release screw attachment for quick screw changes / cleaning
  • Typical accuracy within 1% of target weight (product dependant)
  • Various anti-dribble systems available to suit difficult products
  • Complete circular sight glass
  • Filter supplied on Breather
  • Equipped with level sensor to automate feeding
  • Adaptable to various feeding systems (cross feeder / inclined screw feeder)
  • Can be linked to our check weigher for automatic weight control.
Also available as a Semi Automatic “stand alone “ unit for manual filling of pre-made bags.

Technical Details

Doser Dimensions in mm Technical Description

Auger Doser (Up to 1.5kg) F1

750 wide x 1520 deep:575 diameter

Recommended for powder applications. Power supply 220 volts. Power consumption 8 amps

Auger Doser (Up to 2.5kg) F2

750 wide x 1520 deep:575 diameter

Available in various sizes & configurations. Power supply 220 volts. Power consumption 8 amps

Auger Doser (Up to 10kg) F3

750 wide x 1520 deep:575 diameter

Cables 1.5mm 4 core + ECC. Power Consumption 8 amps. Screw & Feeder pipes in various sizes to achieve specific volumes.Shut off gates available on feeder pipes. Easy to strip and clean

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